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Welcome to Bill Busters Fishing,
in Port Aransas, Texas, the fishing capital of the Texas Gulf.
Reese Greene, one of the premier offshore saltwater fishing guides,
is the captain and owner of
Bill Busters II (35' Bertram) and Bill Busters I (31' Bertram).

We've increased our fleet. We have another 35' boat with A/C!

Our fishing boats are powered by twin diesel engines
The fishing boats are U. S. C. G approved
We have state of the art navigational equipment
All Captains are fully licensed
We have only the best fishing gear

The Bill Busters boats have all the required state and federal permits. It is VERY IMPORTANT to be on a boat that is LEGALLY PERMITTED! On our boats, you will be able to KEEP the fish you catch.

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Reese Greene
P.O.Box 2151
Port-Aransas, Texas 78373
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Reese Greene has put together a combination of the best in fishing boats, captains, crew, fishing tackle, and personalized service which give his anglers the advantage. The Captain and the crew are well seasoned and have been working Gulf of Mexico fishing scene for many years. When you board the one of our fishing boats, you'll be treated like a guest and not just a visitor. They will inform you about bait, fishing tackle, safety, and anything else you need to know to enable you to catch the fish of your dreams. Fishing with Reese is an event... Jimmy Buffet style... he and the boat captains are well known for their success of knowing where the fish are, and guiding the angler to "The Big Ones"!

Memories Caught

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"We Catch Memories" is our motto, and we do just that! Showing you a good time fishing in the Gulf of Mexico and Sending you home with delicious table fare. Kingfish, Ling, Dolphin fish, Black-tip Shark, Tuna, Snapper, Sailfish, and Marlin. Book that fishing trip today, and have a thrill of a lifetime.

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More Memories

There you are fishing, sitting on a Bill Busters' boat with your feet propped up on the fish box, your favorite beverage in one hand, almost lulled to sleep with the slapping waves rocking the boat and the sea breeze cooling the brow. All of a sudden, from the bridge comes the bellow"FISH ON"!!! Knocked from the peaceful calm, you realize it is time to get down to fishing! The mate has been in fast motion moving the rods so you can get at the one with the fish. There is no doubt what rod to pick up with it bent over double and the reel screaming. The adrenaline is pumping through your body as you reach for the rod, and with some struggle remove it from the holder. The next step in the process is automatic as you cram the fishing rod into the fighting belt that is strapped around your waist. Getting your body square to the fish and leaning into the padded stern,your desire to over power the fish and become the victor has begun! Now this is fishing!!

Bill Busters furnishes all of the bait, fishing tackle and ice for the fish.
The anglers may bring whatever they would like for food and drink.
We can arrange to have your fish cleaned and frozen for a reasonable fee.
31' Bertram 6 Hours $1100 $1150 $1200 $1250
31' Bertram 8 Hours $1300 $1350 $1400 $1450
31' Bertram 10 Hours $1600 $1650 $1700 $1750
31' Bertram 12Hours $1900 $1950 $2000 $2050
35' Bertram 6 Hours $1300 $1350 $1400 $1450
35' Bertram 8 Hours $1500 $1550 $1600 $1650
35' Bertram 10 Hours $1800 $1850 $1900 $1950
35' Bertram 12 Hours $2100 $2150 $2200 $2250
35' Bertram with A/C 6 Hours $1400 $1450 $1500 $1550
35' Bertram with A/C 8 Hours $1600 $1650 $1700 $1750
35' Bertram with A/C 10 Hours $1900 $1950 $2000 $2050
35' Bertram with A/C 12 Hours $2200 $2250 $2300 $2350

Capt. Reese Greene
P.O.Box 2151
Port Aransas, Tx 78373
PHONE: 361-749-5223
E-Mail us for current specials at: